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Women interrupted painting
'Women interrupted'
Tempera and gesso on board. 110x80 cm

Secret garden art
'Secret garden'
Tempera and gesso on board. 89x64 cm

Rising form painting
'Rising form'
Acrylic sablé on board. 89x64 cm


Animal rock painting
'Animal rock'
Acrylic sablé on board. 89x64 cm


Escaping forms artwork
'Escaping forms'
Tempera and gesso on board. 110x80 cm
Natural Menhir by Ian Hopton, France
'Natural menhir'
Acrylic sablé on board. 89x64 cm

Recollection of Egypt
'Recollection of Egypt 1'
Tempera and collaged paper on board. 95x66 cm


Cliff forms by Ian Hopton, Artist
'Cliff forms'
Tempera and gesso on board. 110x80 cm
Torso study - acrylic on board
'Torso study 2'
Acrylic sablé on board. 89x64 cm
                 Semi-abstract paintings from Languedoc in the South of France

The paintings are typical of Ian Hopton's work over recent years. They represent a constant investigation into the relationship between pure figuration and pure abstraction, and are inspired by the rugged terrain of the Larzac plateau at the abrupt southern edge of the Massif Central in Languedoc. This influence combined with twenty five years experience of life drawing gives rise to paintings that show the human form merging with or emerging from the landscape.

For six years, Hopton studied life drawing with the visionary painter Cecil Collins whose philosophy and teaching methods have strongly influenced his work. One of the most significant ideas to arise from Collins' teaching was the importance of the aesthetic power of spontaneity, a principle that guides the construction of Hopton's paintings. The spontaneous action liberates the intuition and enables the artist to paint from his imagination rather than some pre-conceived idea of the human form in nature. The paintings allow the viewer to see what they will and to make their own interpretation of what they mean.

The media employed are different combinations of egg-tempera, acrylic, sand and collage, applied to a hard surface.

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